Snailax for its customers is: slow down your fast-paced stressful life to a snail-paced relaxing lifestyle. Towards that, we have a team of aspired designers and diligent engineers that work seamlessly to offer our customers with innovative health and personal care products, specially, massaging products. The array of products we carry are designed to target specific areas of the body ranging from head, neck, shoulder, back, lumbar down to feet, and come with a number of customized functions (massaging type, cooling, heating) to suit your personal needs. We are striving to make sure each of our products is available at a price our customers will appreciate and at high quality level our customers will rely on. At the same time, we always endeavor to be a customer-centric company and committed to offer customers 100% satisfaction service.

Let’s snailax!

Our Slogan

Relax your life.

Our Headquarter

Snailax Corporation

1687 Plymouth Rd, Unit C
Ann Arbor, MI, 48105

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